Monday, January 14, 2013

TP Roll Decor

It's never a good idea to call your husband a hoarder (esp. when he's not) for not wanting to throw away old magazines. You can try giving him an explanation that you are a "minimalist" and that you must have no unnecessary clutter in the house, but eventually he will find your secret stash of toilet paper rolls in the hall linen closet.

I fancy myself to be "green". I'm not, but I like to imagine I am. We recycle the same as anyone, but that's sadly about it. So when I see all these ideas on Pinterest of how to reuse toilet paper rolls, I think, "I'm so green and crafty, I can totally do that!" Well, I didn't do the grand project that I wanted to, but I did finally use them! (some of them, I still have a stash, just don't tell David).

For my 30th birthday party, I wanted a pink party. I'm surrounded by boys now and wanted pink and glitter. So I took inspiration from the following:

And I came up with this:

It was more time consuming that I imagined (aren't they all?), but ended up being pretty easy and looked the way I wanted. I cut the rolls with scissors pretty easily in about 5 sections and hand painted them (it was raining for days so I gave up on spray paint). This was the most time consuming. Once they were dry, I hole punched and strung them on cheap thread I had lying around. I hung them from Command hooks and voila!

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