Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Pin that started it all

My obsession with Pinterest started the minute we looked at engagement rings. Sorry, dear. But at least I waited until then to start planning, some girls have the whole wedding planned before they graduate high school (is anyone else channeling Monica Gellar?). I really blame my sister-in-law for introducing me to the site where I could find all these amazing ideas in one place, and save the ones I liked in one tidy little place. I would like to apologize to my previous boss and coworkers now for any lack of productivity the Pinterest iPhone app may have caused. :)

It might've remained a pipe dream and just a "wouldn't it be nice" site as most Pinterest boards are had my first attempt at a project not turned out well. It was seriously the cutest thing I had seen and I had to make my very own bridesmaids invitations. Here is the original idea from oncewed.com

Seriously, how cute are those??!!! So, with their awesome instructions (which as we will all learn are the key to successful pins) and a little help from this site on the cute handwriting, here is what we came up with:

Not too shabby, huh? My girlfriends and future sisters dutifully ooohed and aaahed over them. From that day forward Pinterest had me convinced I was the next Martha Stewart.
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